Kimberly G

It began in 1985…...

My photography journey developed in a shoebox........
My class assignment was to make a shoebox camera. On assignment day our class went outside to take our pictures with the photoboxes we made. I was {AMAZED} with the results that came from that little box. From that day forward it has been my destiny.......

My two main subjects were my {beautiful daughters} for 20 years. They are all grown up now so I have transferred my {LOVE} of photographing them to capturing the {LOVE} other families have for their children.

I am completely inspired by newborn babies and children and the {LOVE} parents have for them. A fleeting moment of a child will pass before your eyes in an instant and can be forgotten forever, I am here to capture these moments to cherish for a lifetime.

I live in Macon, GA and can't wait to plan your perfect picture day. Thanks for taking your time to look and I hope to hear from you soon.

Kim McDaniel

I was recently approched and asked could I quickly identify my single greatest accomplishment?

And the answer was yes, even though I have 2, they are as one. My greatest accomplishment in life to date is being able to see my 2 beautiful daughters finish their first phase of life. They have both graduated from high school and beginning to start their new lives with all the {LOVE} and knowledge they have gained over the past 20 years. I am so very {PROUD} of what my daughters have grown to be and I have no fear they will have much success and happiness in whatever they pursue in life. I am so proud to be their {MOM}